people in.


30,000 years ago,
humans made
the first visual stories.

Since then,
mediums have changed.

Yet, visuals remain
the center of



own the

fast lane.

90% of information processed
by the brain is visual. 1
An illustrated top view of the brain.
The brain processes images
in 13 milliseconds.2

Business as visual is booming.

a comparison between text-only content versus visual content.

80% more memorable 

visuals with color 3

94% more views 

content with visuals 4

150% more retweets 

tweets with visuals 5

People want

visuals that are





an open book with a story
Emoji of a surprised face
a label tag emoji An emoji of a hand drawing with pen in hand.


Most people think drawing is art. It’s not. Drawing is thinking. They say “I can’t draw”. Because they think drawing requires talent.

if you can draw these shapes you can draw anything. The picture includes basic shapes.

Here’s a secret.

Bring more to the table—with just a pen. 

By showing what you’re thinking remotely, over dinner, at the whiteboard. Wherever. Whenever. And whoever you are.

a normal pen with descriptive text that reads flexible, impressive, fun, and fast.

Now's your chance
to make a mark.

your thinking.

Draw in Business is a principle based course designed for people who want to amplify what they are good at—visually.

Video thumbnail of the introduction.Video thumbnail of the "State of the Art Video
Video thumbnail of Visually thinkingVideo thumbnail of Tools
Video thumbnail of process
Video thumbnail of design principlesVideo thumbnail of Story
Video thumbnail of mindful sellingVideo thumbnail of business as visualVideo thumbnail of drawing in businessVideo thumbnail of sketch to showVideo thumbnail of sketching the stage

At the speed of sight

Learn to draw with the sketching alphabet in minutes.

Draw opportunity at scale

Transform complexity into shareable content in 5 steps.

Seeing is believing

Capture attention with proven frameworks for visual storytelling.

Better together.

Join a vibrant community of 100+ visual thinkers.

Sketch of community

Follow the
paper trail.

Make drawing a habit with
a 30 day plan.

an illustration of the plan of action

The pencil’s in
your court.

1:1 Onboarding

12 immersive videos

+ Plan of Action

+ Community Access

+ Ongoing resources

+ Step-by-step articles


(one-time purchase)

a sketch of a pencil